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Accessing Technology Investment Funding

We have assisted many clients to successfully access government technology investment dollars, particularly related to Technology Partnerships Canada. Our in-depth understanding of the selection criteria for government investment decisions and the multitude of factors that influence prioritization of project proposals has proven invaluable to our clients. We work with you to present clear, concise and focused submissions that garner broad support.
CLIENT: To date, we have represented clients in all eligible industrial sectors of the TPC program
TARGET: We ensure that our clients' submission fully meets TPC eligibility criteria, thereby enhancing its likelihood for further consideration and approval.
METHOD: Our team works closely with all members of the TPC review team in support of project approval. At every step of the process, we ensure the timely consideration of all relevant information in support of project approval.
RESULT: Success. We have steered the TPC application process for many clients. To date, TPC investments totaling over $90 Million have been secured for our clients

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